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ovens with automatic cleaning system Descaler C30 Multipurpose descaler properly eliminates encrustations and also range from washing appliances and boilers of any professional equipment the routine use C30 Multipurpose descaler maintains the tools constantly effective, while reducing down the natural damage many thanks to its reduced foaming power, C30 Multipurpose descaler is advised for cleaning up boilers as well as devices with an automatic descaling tool the neutral scent makes its use a lot more pleasurable Code Plan Compatible with 0S2362 one pack of 2 cans of 5lt.

bottles C41 RAPID GREASE for Spee, Delight for cleaning of Spee, Pleasure warmers (max 175 C) Practical nozzle and spraying system included sprayer 0S2331 included Code 0S2292 Package 1 pack of 6 1lt. bottles Sprayer for C41 RAPID GREASE with expansion Code 0S2331 Summary Sprayer for C41 FAST GREASE with extension 179 180 Add-on & Consumables lagoon Advanced Care detergents W01 shallows Delicate Cleaning agent Detergent for use in expert damp cleansing, with the appropriate Electrolux Expert lagoon damp cleaning programs and also along with W03 - lagoon Sensitive Conditioner Code Part Number Bundle 0W lt 0W lt W02 shallows Delicate Detergent Cleaning agent for use in expert wet cleaning - dito sama t10e vegetable peeler price.

Suitable for washing tinted fabrics at 40 C. Code Component Number Bundle 0W lt 0W709A lt W03 - lagoon Sensitive Conditioner Conditioner for use in professional damp cleaning. With the proper Electrolux Professional lagoon damp cleaning programs as well as with each other with W01 - shallows Sensitive Cleaning agent for delicate fibers. Ideal for durable materials along with W02 - shallows Delicate Cleaning agent.

Being a waterbased cleansing technique, it runs with simpleness of solvent-based cleansing procedures yet in a green method. 180 181 Cleaning agents shallows Advanced Care cleaning agents A01 - lagoon Pre-treatment Universal light prebrushing agent for use in expert wet cleaning. Can be applied as pre-treatment on any sort of fibers. Code Component Number Plan 0W709B pack of 2 5 lt containers A02 - shallows Colour Transfer Reducer Colour taking care of and levelling representative for straight dyes on fabrics.

Multipurpose Peelers - Dito Sama in Fullerton California

Code Part Number Plan 0W709K pack of two 5 lt storage tanks A03 - lagoon Leather Care Conditioner oil to restore all-natural leather look with nurturing and also conditioning result while stabilizing the shade. Code Part Number Bundle 0W7Q1A pack of one 10 lt storage tank P01 - lagoon Protein Discoloration Eliminator Pre-spotting representative for use in expert wet cleaning.

FSX, the Food Service Exchange, is the commercial food service industry's go-to source for purchasing overstock, discontinued, and scratch-and-dent equipment and supplies, and you will be shocked at how good our prices are (an average discount of over 50% of today's market price). FSX Market

The FSX online marketplace provides restaurants, caterers, schools and other food service facilities with access to a wide assortment of products. The exchange allows for direct sales between pre-approved sellers and buyers, ensuring a seamless, reliable, and fast timely transaction process. Whether it is a model from a previous year or an item with a slight imperfection, buyers can purchase anything they need from our extensive pool of pre-selected, certified top equipment manufacturers and dealers. With Food Service Exchange, customers can expect premium equipment and supplies, amazing prices, timely shipping, and consistent satisfaction. Find out more information today about FSX Food Service Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Restaurant Supplies at 20 - 50% off market prices, with a minimum 90-day warranty. Plus, 5-star customer service reviews, unmatched 90-day warranty, and always free shipping!

Code Part Number Plan 0W709E pack of 6 0. 5 lt bottles 0W709J pack of 2 5 lt containers P02 - shallows Tannin Stain Cleaner Pre-spotting representative for use in specialist damp cleansing. To be applied as pre-treatment on stains triggered by fruits, coffee, tea, merlot and turf. Code Component Number Bundle 0W709C pack of six 0.

Code Component Number Tag * Plan 0W709D pack of six 0. 5 lt containers 0W709H pack of two 5 lt storage tanks P04 - shallows Ink Eliminator Pre-spotting agent for use in professional damp cleaning.

5 lt containers 182 183 Detergents 183 184 Add-on & Consumables Laundry 185 Laundry Washing Contents Accessories for lagoon Advanced Treatment Accessories for garment ending up FC mypro devices myprozip devices mypro XL accessories mypro Vapor Ironer accessories Consumables - Tokens Consumables Auxiliaries Accessories Add-on for Barrier washers Setup 186 Accessories & Consumables Add-on for shallows Advanced Treatment lagoon Natural leather Treatment Starter Package The package are composed of all tools that make sure basic and advanced therapy of natural leather textiles in the lagoon Advanced Treatment - cleaning process Code Part Number Summary 0W7RW lagoon Leather Treatment Beginner Kit lagoon Leather Care Beginner Set content: 3-D web washing bag To protect small things versus mechanical action in the cleaning procedure Code Part Number Size (Wx, D) 0W7RW x50 centimeters 3-D net washing bag To shield medium-size things versus mechanical activity in the cleaning procedure Code Component Number Size (Wx, D) 0W7RW x50 centimeters Hard brushing sponge to increase mechanical action during washing and drying out process.

Electric Potato Peelers: Sold at WebstaurantStore in San Angelo Texas

T10E vegetable peeler DITO SAMA

Spotting brush for effective pre-treatment of natural leathers with synthetic and stainless steel bristles. 4 pcs Switch covers in various sizes to safeguard switches, applications and also fabrics versus mechanical damages. Code Component Number Quantity 0W7S9Z computers (in 4 different dimensions from 12 45mm switch size) PTFE-Teflon sheet to protect smooth leather throughout the ironing procedure.

To utilize with finding representatives for the elimination of spots. Suitable for spotting agents: - P01-Lagoon Healthy Protein Stain Eliminator (6x0,5 L) & (2x5L) - P02-Lagoon Tanning discolor remover (6x0,5 L) & (2x5L) - P03-lagoon grease tarnish cleaner (6x0,5 L) & (2x5L) - P04-lagoon ink discolor remover (6x0,5 L) Code Component Number Quantity 0W7S5C computers * included in shallows Pre-Spotting Beginner Set, pnc Spatula * To use with identifying representatives for the removal of spots.

Description Wx, Dx, H (mm) 0W1XX Canvas 670 x 560 x 780 Trolley RV-73 0W1Y Bag 670 x 560 x 400 0W1Y Wheel 75 Coat wall mount Suitable for single usage, best for damp cleansing installations Code Part nr. Summary 0W7PLV Made in thin steel product. 500 computers 188 189 Laundry Add-on for garment finishing FC48 Obtain the impressive results for your garments many thanks to specialized accessories that are gentle on fine textils for an exceptional result.

Stacking Package This stacking set enables you to securely and also firmly stack the clothes dryer on top of the washing device, giving you added important flooring room. Fits mypro and also myprozip cleaning makers WE170V & WE170P and also mypro dryer TE1120 Code Component Number Wx, Dx, H (mm) 0W21ZG x 600 x 65 Stand This pedestal is suitable for cleaning makers as well as tumble clothes dryers - dito sama t10e vegetable peeler price.

Dito Sama Products - Commercial Kitchen Equipment - F.E.D in Woodbridge New Jersey

Code Component Number Wx, Dx, H (mm) 0W21ZH x 546,7 x 315,4 Anti-vibration Pads These rubber pads take in the resonances from your home appliance and keep it firmly on the flooring, protecting it from scratches. Code Part Number Wx, Dx, H (mm) 0W21DM 45 mm Large Drip Tray Minimize the danger of water damage on your floors as well as installations with this drip tray.

The innovative design of this product runs gathered water to the front of the tray to ensure that the leakage can be identified in time. For cleaning makers. Code Component Number Wx, Dx, H (mm) 0W21DL x 600 Fluid Cleaning Agent Link Code Part Number Wx, Dx, H (mm) 0W21PX x 180 x 90 Installation kit for marine Code Component Number 0W22DT 191 Washing myprozip devices Chosen devices to relieve the laundry procedure as well as keep the laundry location neat as well as fresh whatsoever times.

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Amazon.com: Electric Potato Peeler [2 Replacement Blades] - Rotating Apple Peeler  Potato Peeling Multifunction Stainless Steel Fruit Vegetable Electric Peeler  Machine - Kitchen Peeling Tool - White: Home & KitchenDito Sama T10E: vegetable peeler - YouTube

Select any kind of combination of two myprozip devices (washer/washer, washer/ dryer or dryer/dryer), as well as appoint a coin meter per maker to permit for repayment of washing or drying cycle. Shows of cost to be done on myprozip cleaning device or roll dryer display screen. Code Part Number Payment Wx, Dx, H (mm) 1L0DXP Euro+ GBP+T oken Wa 4 1L0DXS JPY +AUD+ NZD+T oken Wa 4 1L0DXU THB+MYR+SGD+ Token Wa x 340 x 840 1L0DXW Euro +CHF +Token Wa 4 1LSMYR EK+NOK+DKK+ ISK+E uro+ Token Wa 4 1LSMYT PLN, HUN, CRO+T oken Wa 4 Smart Expert Coin Box Solo Coin box with one coin meter for myprozip cleaning device and also roll clothes dryer.

Programming of rate to be done on myprozip cleaning machine or roll dryer display. Code Component Number Repayment Wx, Dx, H (mm) 1L0DXN Euro+ GBP+T oken Wa 4 1L0DXR JPY +AUD+ NZD+T oken Wa 4 1L0DXT THB+MYR+SGD+ Token Wa x 208 x 280 1L0DXV Euro +CHF +Token Wa 4 1LSMYP EK+NOK+DKK+ ISK+E uro+ Token Wa 4 1LSMYS PLN, HUN, CRO+T oken Wa 4 Smart Expert Coin, Meter Coin meter for retrofit on myprozip Coin, Box, Solo accessory, permitting for enhancement of second coin meter in case a 2nd maker (washing machine or dryer) is mounted Code Component Number Settlement Wx, Dx, H (mm) 1L0DXX Euro+ GBP+T oken Wa 4 1L0DXY JPY +AUD+ NZD+T oken Wa 4 1L0DXZ THB+MYR+SGD+ Token Wa x 280 x 116 1L0DY Euro +CHF +Token Wa 4 1LSMYU EK+NOK+DKK+ ISK+E uro+ Token Wa 4 1LSMYV PLN, HUN, CRO+T oken Wa 4 Smart Expert External, Pay Harness Harness for connection of myprozip washing equipment as well as tumble dryer to exterior payment systems (coin boxes or main repayment systems) Code Part Number Length (mm) 0W L0DY Visit the mypro internet site to uncover all relevant devices and also consumables 191 192 Add-on & Consumables mypro XL accessories Single coinmeter Solitary coin meter for mypro XL cleaning machine and also topple clothes dryer, permitting for payment of cleaning or drying cycle.

Ditosama - ULTIMATE CIRCLE SDN BHD in Fayetteville North Carolina

Code Part Number Payment 1LSNF Euro, GBP, Token Wa 4 1LSNFA JPY, AUD, NZD, Token Wa 4 1LSNFB THB, MYR, SGD, Token Wa 4 1LSNFC Euro, CHF, Token Wa 4 1LSNFD SEK, NOK, DKK, ISK, EURO, Token Wa 4 1LSNFE PLN, HUN, CRO, Token Wa 4 1L0ERN CNY, HKD, TWD, Token Wa 4 Dual coinmeter for piled installment Double coin meter for mypro XL washing device and also topple clothes dryer.

Multipurpose Peelers - Dito SamaElectric Potato Peelers: Sold at WebstaurantStore

Programming of rate to be done on mypro XL washing machine or tumble dryer screen. Code Component Number Settlement 1LSNFF X 1 GBP 1LSNFG X 1 Euro 1LSNFH X Token Wa 4 1LSNFJ,5 +1 GBP 1LSNFK,5 +1 Euro Exterior repayment set Harness for link of mypro XL washing machine and also tumble dryer to outside settlement system (coin boxes or main repayment system).

Use of symbols is additionally beneficial in international atmospheres such as resorts where visitors do not necessarily have coins in the local currency. Electrolux Professional offers a large option of symbols to satisfy the demand of variety.

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